Enhancing Convenience for a Better Service Experience in Barangay Labangon Resident App

Bridging the Gap Between Barangay Labangon and Its Residents for Seamless Public Service Access.

About Barangay Labangon
Resident App

Barangay Labangon Resident App, is a mobile application crafted to simplify transactions between the barangay government and residents. With the goal of creating a tightly-knit community, this platform integrates different barangay services through a unified online system.

Downloadable on both Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOS users, the Barangay Labangon Resident App ensures accessibility for all, fostering a more connected and convenient experience for the community.

How To Register?​

3 easy steps to register an account

1. Download the App

Install the Labangon Resident App on your smartphone or tablet through the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Register Account

Provide your mobile number and authenticate
with a One-Time Pin

3. Verify your Identity

Enter your basic information or scan your Government ID ex. Driver License, National ID